About C Store Depot

Quality, Value and Service are our basic principles.

Our Story

The C Store Depot was founded in December 2013 by entrepreneurs with a mission to provide a high-quality service with integrity.
Right from the start our philosophy has been to make YOUR LIFE – the retailer’s life, easier. Whether it is in product exchanges, returns, or credits, our mission is to support you, a retailer who works 24/7, to create a successful business and support America’s neighborhoods.
In addition to providing the highest quality of service, we also strive to always bring the latest opportunities and products that your consumers would be looking for in order to enhance your stores’ profits.
Hence in 2016 we identified the growing market segment in the All Natural Cigarette market, following in the footsteps of American Spirit. We were proud to secure an agreement with the manufacturers of Signal All Natural cigarettes, top quality cigarettes that bring exclusive and repetitive traffic to our partner stores, while providing excellent value to their consumers.
In 2017 we were honored to be the first independent distributors to have brough JUUL vape products to Tampa Bay and from there extended our JUUL products throughout Florida.
In 2019 and beyond we have made a significant expansion in all vaping products, CBD, and other alternatives to help our retail partners expand their offerings.

100’s of SKUs of main brands
Expansion into cigarettes and focusing on the ALL NATURAL cigarette market – getting Signal All Natural into stores in the Tampa Bay region
Brought JUUL to Tampa Bay
You can now order from us on-line! We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring to you State of the Art ordering system that is fast, easy, and user friendly. You will now find that from a mere selection for 100’s of SKU we carry tens of thousands of SKUs.
The future remains as exciting as ever, as innovations in the marketplace are faster than ever before. We continue our dedication to innovation and customer support and want to hear from you. Please reach out!
We wish your business much continued success, and as you grow, remember the following:

Keep staying on the leading edge to introduce the latest and the greatest to your customers.

Learn everything you can about the products you carry so that you can educate your customers.

If it is not selling – get it out of your store.

Thank you for your business, it is a great honor for us to support you, and we hope to continue doing so successfully in the years to come.