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Our Story

Tobacco has been a Mohawk tradition for hundreds of years. Tobacco has been used by the Mohawks as medicine, as currency, and in ceremonial rituals. Native American tribes throughout North America would incinerate or smoke the tobacco leaves during religious and other ceremonies. They believed they were sending signals and prayers to the spiritual world. Tobacco was imperative for Native Americans, and was the first cash crop grown by the settlers of the first American colony in Jamestown, Virginia. Tobacco is still used in many ceremonies today. Ohserase (O-se-la-se) Manufacturing, LLC was established in 2001. Named for its founder, Eli Tarbell, Ohserase is means “New Year” in the native language. With the launch of Signal Cigarettes, Ohserase has built a reputation as one of the leading Native American manufacturers in the nation. Eli Tarbell is still part of the company, but has handed the reigns to his prodigy, Brandon and Justin Tarbell. The two brothers have built a company that is growing annually, brought in highly skilled labor and management, and expanded their facility with state-of-the-art equipment that has set the standard for environmentally friendly production. We take great pride in our heritage–believing in simple, all natural tobacco without any additives or preservatives. That’s the way tobacco is grown–that’s the way tobacco should be smoked. When you purchase our premium Signal brand of cigarettes, you can be sure they are “Smooth by Nature.”